1. I want to create a page on Beforeats' platform; how much would that cost me?

It costs nothing to create a restaurant page on Beforeats. You can maintain your profile without paying fees by responding to reviews and doing much more.


  1. How do I sign up, and how long does it take to set everything up?

If you're a vendor interested in opening a restaurant with our platform, fill out this contact form here, and if you want to create an account as a restaurant, fill out this contact form here. One of our representatives will get in touch with you to help you sign up and collect your information. Within three business days of receiving your restaurant's information, your restaurant will be live on Beforeats.


  1. Who will handle each delivery?

Beforeats will help you find independent drivers, bike and scooter riders, and delivery people. Because of the network of delivery people using the Beforeats platform, restaurants don't have to keep their delivery staff. But since we're flexible, you can also use your staff if you have any.


  1. What happens if Beforeats orders have a relatively low average order value?                         

Typically, our platform's average order value exceeds Rs 250. However, occasionally, customers only order a small amount to try out your restaurant. But if they enjoy your food, we've noticed that ultimately they return with more expensive orders.


  1. What if I am already using a service like Foodpanda, etc.?

Many of our restaurant partners participate in multiple programs. They assist in filling a portion of your tables, and we wish to assist in filling even more.


  1. What if I already have a website of my own?

 That's fantastic because it means your digital marketing effort is already off to a strong start! Beforeats will add a direct link from the custom page we create for you to your existing website, increasing traffic to it and bringing in more customers to your restaurant.


  1. What will be the length of my commitment?

Joining our program as a Restaurant Partner carries no time commitment. We have a partnership with the restaurants we deal with, and we'll work with you to fix problems and ensure you keep succeeding in the program. You have the option to cancel your commitment at any time.


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